What Does A Tarot Reading Tell You? Are the Results Accurate?

Have we ever helped to predict one’s fortune with a strange deck of Tarot cards, and then wondered what it was for? It is believed that Tarot card reading is an amazing way to get extrasensory insights into our matters and valuable advice on how to deal with many aspects of life.

History Of The Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have their origin at Egypt in the 14th century. The first pack was made somewhere at Italy in the period between 1410 and 1430. Originally, they were considered as the “triumph” cards. The truth is that these cards were not used for divinatory purpose until the 18th century. The Tarot cards started as the simple card game over time. The early deck was spread in Europe before 1367.

On a regular basis, a deck of Tarot cards is comprised of 78 cards. Since it is applied for fortune telling, there must be a reader and a seeker. Typically, a reader will attempt to answer a seeker’s questions by interpreting the cards’ meanings. First of all, the cards will be shuffled and cut by a client. After that, a Tarot reader will arrange these cards in a certain spread. Through combining the position of the cards and the spread, she is totally able to provide this client with some insightful directions.

What Does A Tarot Reading Tell You?

Tarot Cards and Their Meanings

Tarot cards are supposed to be unique. What does it mean? In other words, each card will be different and possess its own significance. To the uninitiated, the cards’ meanings may be very confusing. Although the Fool card can appear negative, it truly symbolizes the spark which sets everything into motion. Meanwhile, the Magician card represents new enterprises and new opportunities whereas the Justice card symbolizes the resolution of conflicts.

It is often said that the Lovers card is highly special because it has multiple significances. It is the card of feelings and emotions, and it seems to indicate that only good chances may come to the particular union. That can be where the duality of the card comes in. If the card has the gathering of clouds, it can remind us that there is the potential for the tragic conclusion. In case the card is drawn by a person who is not in love, it will reveal choice or this person is coming to the crossroads where 1 direction lies for love.

How Do Readers Tell The Future?

Lots of the individuals supposed that Tarot cards are able to tell the future, but what they really do is to foresee these cards. A reader believes that the future isn’t set in stone since we all have free will, and our choices may change everything. Once doing a Tarot card reading, she is simply turning over a card deck and interpreting it, based on the significances of the cards’ pictures in conjunction with their positions in the spread. Tarot cards tend to forecast that is likely to take place in a person’s life, not what is surely going to happen.

The Similarity to The Zodiac Signs

Some people often associate a pack of Tarot cards with the Zodiac signs. The correlation is believed to exist since the 12 spiritual Tarot guardians are able to match the 12 signs of the Zodiac. The following are some typical samples:

  • The Emperor card will match up with Aries – the God of War.
  • The Lovers card will match up with Gemini.
  • The Strength card will match up with Leo.
  • The Hermit card will match up with Virgo.
  • Someone even matches the 2 systems based on things such as elements modalities (King card/fixed sign) and (Wands card/fire).

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