How To Read Playing Cards Like Tarot Cards

Playing cards have a rich and mysterious history. It is a complete set of 54 cards.

Nine Cards Spread

But only 52 cards are mostly used in the universe, there are 4 suits (spade, heart, diamond, and club) and 13 ranks (no.2 to no.10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace) in each suit. Only 2 Jokers have no suit or rank. Two common colors in the playing cards are red and black.

Most people familiar with playing cards through gamble games, but not many know that it is also used for fortune-telling. Actually, it can both be seen as another kind of tarot and be used to foretell the future. Except a few differences, those cards are set up much like the tarot. Want to know more details about how to read playing cards; take a look at Free Psychic Online and practice by yourself after that!

Tarot Readings with A Deck of Playing Cards

Reading fortunes with playing cards is usually done for entertainment purposes, but you can do a reading to analyze your relationship or current situation by the same. The cards have their own characteristics and ways to interact with people to draw an overall picture of what’s going on in their lives. 

Tarot Readings with A Deck of Playing Cards

Before doing a reading, you must understand the background clearly. Especially you have to rely on suit aspects when using tarot readings, here are the meanings for the suits – First, Spades (means Sword in Tarot) represent thinking, powerful, and communication, and its element is Air. Hearts (means Cups in Tarot) indicate emotion, feeling, and relationship, and its element is Water. Diamonds (means Pentacles in Tarot) stand for practicality, material world, and its element is Earth. Finally, Clubs (means Wands in Tarot) show creativity, action, and its element is Fire.

The basis spread which is commonly used in playing cards is the Three Cards Spread. This spread gives a quick look to a single question or issue. In the beginning, the card should be shuffled and drawn in a particular order. Then, you lay three cards in a row from left to right. Each card will represent a period in your life (past, present, and future/outcome). Other people can do a larger spread if they are looking for a general outlook. Or they can extend the Three Cards to the Nine Cards Spread with 9 cards. There will be 3 rows; each row has 3 cards that also indicate the past (first row), the current present (middle row), and the outcome (bottom row).

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How To Do Fortune Telling With Playing Cards?

As you know, fortune telling is considered as the dawn of light that can clear away uncertain things in our life. It’s a divination form of seeing the future of a person’s life, even look back the past.

The Meaning Of Cards Will Answer Your Question

So, now, would you prefer reading future with playing cards? But, you don’t have a Tarot card deck. Don’t worry too much because you can use traditional playing cards to carry out the reading!

Let’s learn how to do fortune telling using playing cards! Remember that this deck includes 52 cards, and divided into 4 main groups as Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades. Look at each different meaning of each group! The hearts symbolizes passion, friendship, intimate relationships, and romance. The diamonds denote issues of finance and business. The clubs signifies prize, power, and creativeness. Finally, the spades mentions alternations, the unknown, and cautions.

Next, continue discovering the meanings of each number!

  • Ace talks about new beginnings, freedom, and accomplishment.
  • Two represents association, thoughtfulness, and caring.
  • Three denotes communication and self-expression.
  • Four describes a serious look on certain issues.
  • Five signifies independence and difference.
  • Six mentions matters in family.
  • Seven relates to education and faith.
  • Eight talks about financial matters.
  • Nine denotes altruism.
  • Ten is similar to the Ace, but have a high motivating meaning.
  • The Jack symbolizes a young man who always loves learning new things.
  • The Queen describes a young woman. It points out the vital role of woman.
  • The King portrays a mature man who can give good advice.
How To Do Fortune Telling With Playing Cards?

At this time, you should combine these cards to uncover the meaning of each card. For example, the seven of clubs means the education about creative forms that could bring a prize. But, sometimes, it also brings a bizarre meaning for hard works. Now, you might do the readings relied on what you’ve studied. The easiest way is to submit a question and then pick up one card. The meaning of cards will answer your question. One more card will help you understand the answer clearly.

In case that you want to know what will happen in the next three months? Shuffle the cards and then deal 3 ones in front of you. The card on the left side points out the current month, the middle one will talks about the next month, and the last one will describe the month after. Turn it card over and start interpreting their meanings to know your next 3 months.

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