Future Predictions Based On Date Of Birth

Will You Get Accurate Future Predictions Based on Date Of Birth?

Our birth day number is simply the day of our birth. Believe it or not, the day when we were born plays great role in determining who we are and where our potential talents are. In some cases, our date of birth can reveal some special abilities we possess. These hidden gifts can give us a hand along our life path.

Future Predictions Based On Date Of Birth

In general, in order to identify the Numerology Life Path Number, our birth date will be calculated. For instance, if our birthday is April 18th, 1988, then the life path number shall be analyzed as follows:
1+8+0+4+1+9+8+8 = 39
3+9 = 12
1+2 = 3
Yes, number 3 will be our path life number.

Can we predict future events based on date of birth?

Obviously, Numerology may both prophesy and not prophesy our future. Certain cycles will totally point to the possibility of the painful experiences at the certain times in our life such as money problems, accidents, divorce, heartbreak, and so on. In the same feeling, Numerology can forecast some bright events.

Nevertheless, the art of studying numbers’ meanings will teach us that at such times an individual always has the chance to turn the course of events in her favor or even to let an unexpected opportunity slide by. Based on our birth date, Numerology, for instance, may indicate that a certain stage of our life will be extremely rewarding. Numerology can be exact in such forecasts.

Bear in mind that the rewards will be comparable to the effort we have made. As a result, great effort brings wonderful rewards and little effort brings small rewards. In addition, the significance of our date of birth can disclose the cycles of sowing and harvesting in life. If we have sown the seeds of greed and selfishness, we will surely experience the time of loss – the loss of help from others or financial loss.

Our charts uncover our potentials, challenges, strengths, weaknesses and lessons to be learnt. Each number will suggest potential strengths and weaknesses. All things seem to have their own bright and dark sides. Furthermore, a gifted Numerologist may have a good idea of what direction we should move in or how much of our potential we should use or abuse.

Try to take advantage of the potential predictions about future via our date of birth in order to boost our confidence, relieve our fear and give ourselves more great opportunities for success!

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Career Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

How to Get Valuable Career Prediction Based On Date Of Birth?

Numerology – the funny study of numbers’ meanings – is considered as the King Solomon’s prophecy and omen. In fact, the practice of Numerology has been designed for several purposes of leaders and others alike. In case that we are on desire to get a glimpse of our career, taking advantage of Numerology life path number – a helpful and interesting tool – will be a great choice.

How To Get Career Prophecies Based On Date Of Birth?
Career Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

Actually, Numerology Life Path Number will be calculated on the basic information of the birth date of a native. Follow the example below for more clarification:

If our date of birth is 31st October, 1980, then the Life Path Number will be calculated as the following link:
3+1+1+0+1+9+8+0 = 23
2+3 = 5
Number 5 is our life path number.

In general, numbers 11 & 22 shall not be reduced to the single digit as the above case. As a result, every life path number from 1 to 9, 22 and 11 will consist of the personality traits, characteristics, potential abilities and inherent talents, based on which the right career judgment may be made.

  • The Life Path number 1: As this number says, we are an inventor and leader. We prefer to plan ahead and organize our own targets in life, regardless of whether it is our career or our personal achievement goal.
  • The Life Path Number 2: We may become a wonderful minister politician or diplomat lawyer. We are also very good at the field of accounts and finance because calculations of numbers and events are our strengths.
  • The Life Path Number 3: We own creative capabilities and inherent artistic. We may also excel in medicines and sports at the same time.
  • The Life Path Number 4: We can be proficient in numerologist, engineer, technician and industrialist. At times, we shall prove ourselves highly professionally in nature.
  • The Life Path Number 5: Believe it or not, we possess the inherent persuasive skills. We are very interested in communication and expert in advertising, writing, radio and verbal communication areas.
  • The Life Path Number 6: Because we believe in unity and harmony, we can specialize in being a nurse, counselor, doctor, performer, divorce attorney and hostess.
  • The Life Path Number 7: We can become a psychic, an astrologer, investigator or researcher.
  • The Life Path Number 8: We are a philanthropist by nature. Besides, our love for studies can take us towards the bright future concerning sports and medicines, accounts and finance.
  • The Life Path Number 9: Our artistic, healing nature and creative skills may lead our career towards the writer, psychic reader, architect, painter, musician and so on.
  • The Life Path Number 11 and 22: These numbers will double the personality traits, characteristic, potential abilities and inherent talents of those with the Life Path Number 1 and 2 respectively.

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