Death Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

Death Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

Of course, death is always one of the scariest moments that will happen to everyone. Every individual is meant to die at the unknown time, date, and place. Once looking around us, we will recognize that most of the people are afraid to die. Thus, these ones will not even want to know when they will die, regardless of whether there is a possible method for them to know this.

Death Prediction Based On Date Of Birth

How about us? Have we ever tried to know the date of our death? If we were offered a chance to know when it takes place, would we be willing to welcome the answer? In fact, we are, these days, able to determine when we will die by means of death prediction based on date of birth. This is one of the popular services that most of the gifted and seasoned astrologers are giving both offline and online today.

How To Seek The Death Point In The Astrology Chart?

Step 1
Attempt to determine if we are psychically and emotionally mature enough to deal with some information about death. Truly, according to the In Plain Sight site, someone who gets the death predictions may, sometimes, lose virtually all of their interests in life and expect to die. Is it really dangerous, isn’t it? They may die, regardless of whether they put their trust in “death hex”, or they believe that the stars have fated it. As the practitioners, we need to have a lot of responsibility to prevent such unintended harms to ourselves.

Step 2
It is better to understand the association of planets with the death and their types. According to the Find Your Fate site, all of the planets tend to play a huge role in predicting the death in an astrology chart.

For instance, Saturn is involved in forecasting a drawn-out and long death, but may also guess the uneventful and long life, as well. Furthermore, Hades is involved in predicting the death from chronic illnesses while the sudden deaths may be also suggested by these planets: Neptune is tied to the drug-related and water-related deaths, Uranus is tied to the surgical deaths whereas Pluto is tied to the violent and swift deaths. At the same time, Mars is described the “trigger”, while Venus and Jupiter are both basically present in guessing the death aspect.

Thus, it’s incumbent upon the astrologers to examine the whole chart to understand the impacts of the planets on death.

Step 3
Generally, the 8th house in an individual’s chart is often associated with the death aspect, based on if the planets traditionally considered malefic (negative) or benefic (positive) are present. These designations will be also split into strong and weak. The benefic planets tend to be known as Jupiter (strong) and Venus (weak) while the malefic planets tend to be described as Saturn (strong) and Mars (weak).

Keep in mind that planets aren’t the only influence in the 8th house. Besides, the solar return, directions, and progressions might also denote the activation of the death aspect. When the 8th house has been activated, there will be a great opportunity that the other malefic houses will be activated.

Step 4
Remember that “death energy” may not be the same as the death itself. Instead, it could be necessary to identify whether this period is just depicting the period of tumultuous change in a one’s chart. Whereas the preceding houses and planets could reveal that there is a potential deal of death energy at a specific time in a person’s chart, the time and place of her death may not be fixed. A great deal relies upon her expectations and actions. Hence, based on our decisions in terms of this energy and its use, we can live beyond the stage high in death energy, at times for the extended period of good health.

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